Best Places for Fjord and Sea Fishing in Norway

It’s been said that Norwegians have seawater in their veins instead of blood- a saying that, when compared to how many fishing spots there are in the country, might make sense. This being said, many great fishing spots within the country get forgotten about and pushed aside in favor of more popular areas.

Best Fishing Spots in Norway

For seasoned fisherman who plan to travel to Norway to fish, here is a short list of wonderful fishing spots along Norway’s vast system of fjords and oceans.


Tucked away in the north of the country, Alta provides a good spot for fishing. The outpost sits roughly 1,233 miles outside of Oslo and is known for having some of the best salmon fishing in the area. Alta can also offer deep sea fishing and fishing trips that take travelers to fishing spots that bring them up close and personal with glaciers.


Just north of the Norwegian port city of Stavanger lies Suldalslågen. Suldalslågen is the longest salmon fishing river in the west of the country, and doesn’t require a license to fish for saltwater fish.


In the area between Lyngdal and Farsund, there are approximately 20 species of fish that can be found. Some of these include cod, pollock, coalfish, and flounder. The area offers boats for fishermen to rent and for young fishers, fishing off the docks is a fun way to participate.

Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are an ideal fishing spot for those who want to catch coalfish and halibut. While fishing in the area, fishers have the option of staying in a rustic fisherman’s cabin. For those who take a trip here during the September to April season, there is a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights.


Nordfjord is located in western Norway and is favored by fisherman for its scenic beauty and abundance of fish. The fjord is home to many salmon and trout populations. Traveling up the arms of the fjord, fishers are welcomed by a variety of fjord lakes that offer inland fishing opportunities as well as the possibility of catching char.


For enthusiastic fishers, Geirangerfjord is a dream come true. The area offers opportunities to catch cod, hake, coalfish, tuck, and other species of fish. The area also has the opportunity for fishers to partake fishing tours that include the free use of fishing gear and a scenic trip around the Seven Sisters and Suitor waterfalls.

Scattered throughout the country are various other fishing spots that are worth mentioning. The above list, however, are some of the most talked about and popular of the lesser-known spots. Regardless of which area a fisher chooses to set up camp, he or she will not be disappointed as fish are abundant in all of these places.
At many of these locations are lodges and campgrounds, as well as other activities that can keep the whole family entertained or serve as a fun way to end or begin a long day of fishing.

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